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octave and 3-D shapes/meshes

From: Jeff Abrahamson
Subject: octave and 3-D shapes/meshes
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 19:54:25 -0400
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Does anyone have advise on working with 3-D triangulated meshes (and
rendering the surfaces they define) from octave?  In particular, I
want to be able to color those triangles (or edges) that my program
decides are to be special.

Octaviz can render surfaces based on mesh description, but coloring is
not obvious to me.  It's very easy to use, though.

Gri does not seem to understand easily the 3-D shading needed to make
the mesh skin look real (as in, understandable).

Povray seems like overkill.  (It also isn't quite as free as I'd

Thanks much for any suggestions.

I asked a related question earlier today, but it was part of a larger
very particular question that may cause this piece to be ignored by
the wider group that might be able to provide some useful feedback.
My apologies for the duplication.


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