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Re: octave core file

From: roberto
Subject: Re: octave core file
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:40:55 +0200

On 10/18/05, John W. Eaton <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 18-Oct-2005, roberto wrote:
> | ok,
> | i tried it, no error output from octave
> | octave2.1:19> load octave-core
> OK, so no errors.  That's good.  Now what variables are in the
> workspace?  You should have everything that was in the file.  If there
> is nothing, then maybe the file is empty?
see attached here the output of
octave2.1:21> whos

*** local user variables:

  Prot Name            Size                     Bytes  Class
  ==== ====            ====                     =====  =====
   rwd A                   1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd N                   1x1                          8  scalar
   rw- __nargin__     1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd c                   1x100                      800  matrix
   rwd cost              1x2001                   16008  matrix
   rwd d_theta         1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd k                   1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd l                    100x1                        800  matrix
   rwd n                  -1x-1                         0  <unknown type>
   rwd n_1               1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd phi                1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd r                   1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd r_1               1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd r_2               1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd s                  1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd sigma          1x2001                   16008  matrix
   rwd theta_1         1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd theta_2         1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd trace           1x2                         16  matrix
   rwd v                  1x1                          8  scalar
   rwd xx                1x2001                   16008  matrix

Total is 6220 elements using 49752 bytes

> | but anyway i cannot access the file all the same
> | octave-core file is still unreadable, neither from octave itself...
> What do you mean it is unreadable?  What are you trying?  What
> messages do you see?  Have you tried to read it with a text editor?
right, i tried to access it by a text editor, since i saw:
octave2.1:21> octave_core_file_format
octave_core_file_format = ascii

shouldn't it be readable via common text editors?

GNU/Linux, debian sarge

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