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Managing a succession of gset output commands

From: Madhusudan Singh
Subject: Managing a succession of gset output commands
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 17:52:54 -0400
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I am trying to create a slew of plots from my data using octave. Code 
snippet :

gset term png transparent enhanced xffffff x000000
gset size 1,1
gset origin 0,0
gset key outside

gset output "U1BC.png"
title('Patterned UOG 1 D1 - base collector IV')
gset output

gset output "U1D1-TFIC.png"
title('Patterned UOG 1 D1 - forward transfer')
gset output

plotcmd is code that I wrote (its well tested - no bugs there) that returns a 
string that creates the plot.

What I find above is that the xlabel, ylabel and the title of the first plot 
end up in the second.

I have plotted this earlier with subplot, and this order of eval(plotcmd), 
xlabel, ylabel,title has given the right results in the past.

I need to create separate plot files, but this is choking now. Any idea what 
am I doing wrong ?


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