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Re: Scilab vs. Octave

From: Brian Blais
Subject: Re: Scilab vs. Octave
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:43:55 -0400
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Arvid Rosén wrote:
I have been using booth Scilab and Octave for quite some time now and have some questions. For those of you not familiar with Scilab; it is just another Matlab clone, providing basicly the same functionallity as Octave.

I am not very fond of Scilab as a project. Bugs are not corrected the way they should and there is no active community as in the case of Octave.

In trying to find a numerical tool for teaching and research, I too checked out Scilab. I have the same observation as you, and I also felt that some of the syntax of functions was needlessly obtuse (like timers, and getting keyboard input). What won me over to Octave was the interfacing with C/C++. In Scilab you have to have multiple files around for each function, and it is far from straightforward.

However, Scilab do have some strong points, namely:

1) Object orientation in scripts.
You can define new obejct types and overload functions operating on the objects. This is great! Can this be done in Octave? Is it planned for the future?

This I can't address. Perhaps there is a way in Octave. I recently missed this when I wanted to use some scilab code where I overloaded ">" for the logical "implies" operator.

2) Somewhat easy user-interface scripting.
You can make scripts that bring up windows with sliders and buttons and such. These scripts are platform independent which is very usefull.
Is this easy to do using Octave? Can it be done?

although not native to octave, there are a number of projects (linux only, I believe) which use various toolkits for this. I have one at

which uses fltk to do these sorts of gui things. a google search on fltk and octave comes up with another one.




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