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Re: superscript, subscript, Greek characters in plot labels?

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: superscript, subscript, Greek characters in plot labels?
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 10:27:02 -0500
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Jonathan Stickel wrote:

A S Hodel wrote:

The best answer of the many provided involves the use of the script fig2ps and a slight modification to the octave-forge print.m function so that it generates fig files with "special" text.

fig2ps takes an option "--forcespecial" so that the text need not be "special" in the .fig file itself.

Another thing not yet mentioned is the use of sans serif fonts. I accomplish this with a "sans_fonts.sty" file which contains the two lines


where sfmath.sty I downloaded from

Then call fig2ps like this:

fig2ps --add=type1cm,sans_fonts figure.fig

The package "type1cm" causes latex to use scalable fonts.

Well, it looks like we've all come up with different solutions to the same problem. Some of this can be done on the (long) fig2ps command line. The following command will switch all roman to sans-serif fonts:

fig2eps --forcespecial --preamble=\\renewcommand{\\rmdefault}{\\sfdefault} figure.fig


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