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Re: How do I install octave-forge CVS

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: How do I install octave-forge CVS
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 14:50:58 +0200
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Fredrik Lingvall wrote:
> I noticed that
>     make install
> have been removed from octave-forge and one is
> prompted to use the octave package manager instead.
> I could, however, not find any instructions exactly how to
> do this. I have tried this:
> cd octave-forge
> ./
> ./configure (and some flags)
> make
> make package
You can't really install the octave-forge CVS at this point in an easy
manner as the stuff there is evolving very quickly (though I've done
nothing for a week).

> This created some *.tar.gz files in the packages dir.
> I've then tried to load these with
>     pkg install audio-1.0.0.tar.gz
> for example. pkg did not accept compressed arch:s so I unzip:ed it.
>     pkg install audio-1.0.0.tar
> I now get a warning,
>     warning: You have not defined an installation prefix, so the
> following will be used ...
This is the only way to install the packages at the moment, and the
warning is harmless. Note that at the moment you probably also need the
CVS of octave as well (or at least the CVS of pkg.m).

To use the installed packages, you'll need to run "pkg load all" or put
it in your .octaverc file..

> Is this the proper method to install octave-forge, and if so, how do I
> set the
> installation 'prefix'? 

Though you probably don't want to

> Also, is there a way to install everything
> similar to what
> 'make install' did before?
No, and there won't ever be again as a "make install" in octave-forge in
the context of packages doesn't make any sense. Do what you did above
package by package as root would be the equivalent..


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