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Re: error: load: ../some image directory/..: inconsistent number of colu

From: shoker_17
Subject: Re: error: load: ../some image directory/..: inconsistent number of colu
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:07:39 -0700 (PDT)

Ok...people, thanks for all your assistance and sorry for my poor
My version of Octave is 2.1.72 and yes I was trying perform

May I know why is it that imread() is prefered over loadimage() since they
perform the same functions?
I tried opening a file called 'default.img' (which was in my IMAGEPATH) and
using loadimage(), it worked.

Does it means that loadimage() supports only certain image formats?

==============================My code================================

[x,map] = loadimage('cell1.jpg');

==============================My code================================


error: load: /home/loner/Desktop/cell1.jpg: inconsistent number of columns
near line 2
error: load: unable to extract matrix size from file
error: called from `loadimage' in file
error: near line 9 of file `/home/loner/Desktop/octave1.m'



John W. Eaton wrote:
> On  6-Sep-2006, shoker_17 wrote:
> | 
> | Hmm...which version did i installed? I am currently using Linux Ubuntu
> 6.06
> | and the packagess I installed are:
> | 
> | 1) octave
> | 2) octave-forge
> | 3) xorg-dev
> | 4) xlibs-dev
> | 
> | The Error is actually the following statement,
> | error: load: /home/loner/Desktop/cell1.jpg: inconsistent number of
> columns
> | near line 2
> | 
> | Error occurs only when those files I tried loading were created by
> myself.
> | So far, I only tried jpg, bmp, img and ppm files using this function.
> Oh, it looks like you are trying to load an image with the load
> function.  Is that correct?  Are you doing
>   load cell1.jpg
> ?  If so, that is not intended to work.  I think you want to use the
> imread function from Octave Forge.
> If not, then *precisely* what are you doing, and what error messages
> do you see?  Give us the complete commands that you typed and all the
> error messages that Octave prints.
> jwe
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