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2 + 2 = H ???

From: Micah A Colon
Subject: 2 + 2 = H ???
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 14:32:29 -0400
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I've compiled octave 2.1.73 on my embedded platform
using f2c and gcc 4.0.3.  Octave compiled from start
to finish, with a few (make ignored) errors with 
regards to making documentation files.

Everything looks like it should run just fine but
when I start octave and enter "2 + 2", the answer
comes back "ans = H".  Basically, octave _seems_ to
behave properly (can assign variables and use them
in expressions), but the only ans to all assignments
or evaluated expressions is "H".

Has anyone seen this type of behavior before or 
have any idea what the cause may be?

Micah Colon                                                 \|/ ____ \|/
macolon at ncsu dot edu                                     address@hidden/ oO 
404 MRC/919.515.3569                                        /_( \__/ )_\
gpg fingerprint: AE61292EC15809D0314CEB17A00EEBA1E1ED1A59      \__U_/

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