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question on bug-reports

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: question on bug-reports
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 07:48:20 -0500

On 19-Sep-2006, Gerd Bürger wrote:

| I recently sent a bug report using octave's `bug_report' function, which
| seemingly didn't make it to the bug-octave list. I suspect this was
| because I was not subscribed to that list. The online help, however,
| does not give any information as to whether subscribing is actually
| required. And there was no response suggesting that my report was
| inappropriate.

Yes, you must be subscribed for posts to go to the list
automatically.  If you are not subscribed, your message is held for
approval.  Since there is a lot of spam sent to the lists, we don't
send notices for held messages.  Sometimes, the moderators miss the
needle in the haystack and discard real messages along with spam.  If
your message wasn't posted, please send it again.  If you don't have a
copy, let me know approximately when you sent it and I'll check my
archive of messages to see if it is there.

| Or was it because the bug_report function mails to "address@hidden",
| instead of "address@hidden" (to which I just subscribed)?

Either will work.  The preferred address is address@hidden  Due to
limitations of MailMan and the current mailing list host, which also
hosts a number of other lists, we can't call it address@hidden on the
web page.


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