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Plotting generates multiple pages

From: Jonas Olson
Subject: Plotting generates multiple pages
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 19:22:17 +0100
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Normally, plotting two curves in the same plot works fine, but when I
plot to a postcript file instead of to a window, the file ends up having
two pages, though I only want one. More specifically, I do this:

        x = [0:0.1:2*pi];
        y_1 = sin(x);
        y_2 = cos(x);
        gset term postscript
        gset output ""

The first page of "" contains the plot I would have gotten if I
had run "plot(x,y_1)", and the second page contains the plot I really
want. Why does this happen?

Thanks in advance,
Jonas Olson

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