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Re: Octave Installation on IntelMac

From: rajmuet
Subject: Re: Octave Installation on IntelMac
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 17:25:25 +0000 (UTC)
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Elena <gioalezza <at>> writes:

> Sorry for a stupid question! I cannot quite understand
> the installation instructions, more precisely - "sudo
> tar -xvf octave-bin.tar -C / and you are done! It
> installs in /usr/local/"

You are trying to install a binary version of
octave which you got from HPC, arn't you ?
> I run Mac OS X 10.4.7 on intel-based Mac. So far I've
> advanced to the following stage:
> - GNU MAKE download
> - GCC 4 download (for IntelMacs)
> - Xcode Tools 2.2.1 download
> - OCTAVE download
> - unzipping the OCTAVE
> - opening the "make.h" file in the GNU MAKE directory
> - it led to launching the GNU MAKE and defining the
> directories

All the above stuff is needed if you want to compile 
octave from source.  But this is *not* needed if you
use the octave-bin.tar file from HPC !
> Then, I guess the "sudo tar -xvf octave-bin.tar -C" is
> a command, but where exactly should I type it???

Type this command in a Terminal window.  You have to open the
Terminal applicatiob.  This command assumes 
that the octave-bin.tar file is in the current directory.  If this
is not the case, you must either change the current directory (using
the cd command) or provide a full path to the tar command like, for 

sudo tar -xvf /Users/elena/Desktop/Downloads/octave-bin.tar -C

Then, because the sudo part of this command will ask for a password.
Your login password should do the trick.


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