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Re: new release of Octaviz

From: Jonathan Stickel
Subject: Re: new release of Octaviz
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 20:06:29 -0800
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Søren Hauberg wrote:
Thanks for making this release! I'm using it on ubuntu edgy with octave 2.9.9+.
It required some work to get it going on my machine so I thought I'd share:

1) First of all I had to compile my own version of vtk-5 since
   the one in ubuntu is broken.
2) Then I had to edit (in $VTK_PREFIX/lib/vtk-5.0) vtkCommonKit.cmake
   and vtkRenderingKit.cmake and remove all references to the vtk
   build directory.

This might be addressed by the two paths-related patches here:

3) Then I had to edit Common/ in the octaviz source directory.
   I had to change line 188 from
     return reinterpret_cast<octave_uint64_t>(vtk_pointer);
     return reinterpret_cast<uint64_t>(vtk_pointer);

I don't know about this one. If someone else confirms that this is a necessary change, then I can make the edit in CVS.

Things still don't work on 2.9.9+ because octaviz is using all_va_args. I'll send a patch for this...

Please do!


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