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Re: labels on graphs--help with new syntax please

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: labels on graphs--help with new syntax please
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 13:15:19 -0600
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Alan Robert Clark wrote:
Hi All

An upgrade (long overdue, I admit) from FC3 to FC6 took me from 2.1.57 to 2.9.9, along with the rather nasty shock of a missing graw, gset etc :-) Now none of my plotting stuff works. I am rather laboriously going through my many m-files, converting to the new syntax (Please keep it this way now :-) :-) :-)

A number of things stump me however. I can't see any other way than to revert to the olde __gnuplot_gset__ approach to life. I would appreciate opinions as to how to do this: (its from a rainfall data program for the old style stuff)

gset xrange [1992:];

ie start at 1992, but finish automatically.

This will be supported when the object graphics implementation is complete. Currently it still requires direct interaction with gnuplot.

And the one that has really got me:

eval(sprintf('gset label "  Avg=%.2f" at 1992, %f;', avg,avg+0.05*avg));

ie to label the rain data with a line at the current average rainfall.

If you want a line at an arbitrary location, you probably need to add an extra line to your plot, and then label it with the "text" function from octave-forge.

For these two cases, it may be easiest to replace gset with __gnuplot_set__ commands for the time being. However, I would recommend replacing everything else that reasonably can with high level plotting functions (plot, xlabel, ylabel, title, etc). These will always be supported and are not gnuplot-specific, so you can use them with other plotting back ends.


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