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Re: Octave and gzipped files

From: John Swensen
Subject: Re: Octave and gzipped files
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:31:43 -0500
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Joseph Wakeling wrote:
Geordie McBain wrote:
Last, what other methods than gzipped ascii could I use to store large
save -binary

A possibility, but that's Octave's binary format.  I'm wondering about
something that I can use more effectively with a variety of programs
(including my own simulation code written in C or C++), hence the query
about SQL.
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Either link against liboctave from your c/c++ program or make an oct file to read/write in your own proprietary format. A couple of months ago, I was messing aroung with the BoostC++ library's serialization classes and thought it was pretty cool for a custom file format.

John Swensen

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