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Re: client/server operation of octave?

From: tino . scherrer
Subject: Re: client/server operation of octave?
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 12:15:55 +0100

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Paul Kienzle <address@hidden>
> Gesendet: 10.01.07 17:38:23
> >>> Tino Scherrer <address@hidden> writes:
> >>>
> >>>> Dear all, for the integration of octave into a development 
> >>>> environment I'd need some means to control octave and receive it's 
> >>>> output. Ideally this would work by starting octave as sort of 
> >>>> server and connect the development tool as client through a socket 
> >>>> connection. Is such a mode available for octave?
> >>>
> soctcl on octave-forge provides a server interface to octave.
> It didn't occur to me to feed it through the read-eval-print loop since 
> I wasn't trying to write an IDE, but it might be a place for you to 
> start.
> - Paul

soctcl provides an octave function that lets you evaluate octave expressions by 
external programs through a socket, do I understand this correctly?

One of the most important features that I need in an IDE is debug functionality 
including that I can easily browse to the exact error location of  any error 
message (for example octave output is something like "error in line 20 of file 
test.m", I click on this message and the editor opens test.m and scrolls to 
line 20). Is this possible using soctcl? I guess that error messages still 
appear in the initial octave output, so that the connected external program has 
no means of interpreting them.

Besides, is the described link-errors-to-line-in-source-file possible with 
emacs' inferior-octave mode?

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