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Floating-point in Python and Octave

From: Trevor Law
Subject: Floating-point in Python and Octave
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 14:04:12 -0800


My name is Trevor Law and I (in general) need an application for analyzing simulation data.
I find Python easier to work with than Octave (due to experience), but am not sure if I should
be concerned about differences in how floating-point arithmetic is handled.  The Python
documentation is not very specific but seems to indicate the implementation is that of the
underlying machine/compiler.  I suppose I would like to know if Octave does something
different, and if it is significant.  As a rough gauge of what "significant" means, my supervisor
told me that since we will be adding noise to the simulation data anyway (we are
simulating extracellular neuron potentials to test a classifier), I really do not need to
worry much about machine floating point issues.

Thank you for your time,
Trevor Law

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