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Re: Octave Interfacing Options

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: Octave Interfacing Options
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 11:17:09 +0200
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> I'm new to Octave.  My assignment is to display a graph from a .NET app
> (C#) and I am considering using Octave.  I'm thinking of simply doing
> the following:
>       - Have the C# code build an octave script and save it into a .m file.
>       - Have the C# code run Octave with the .m file as argument (can
> this be done?).
>         The script would probably follow this outline:
>            > Set up matrix of input values
>            > Invoke octave function or script with matrix as argument
>            > Plot

I think your way should work, and it would be the best way IMHO in a unix system. However, you are using windows. Currently I think octave is supported in windows only under cygwin. This might pose a problem (i am not sure).

If all you need is to display a graph from a c# application, without any processing of the values, I would suggest looking for appropriate graph activex components or invoke gnuplot directly from your code -- gnuplot does have a native win32 binary.


David Nepomuceno wrote:
Can you suggest a better way to accomplish this? Can I do it by talking to Octave directly (not via a .m script file)? I searched the archives and I saw something about an Octave compiler that might help.

I am not sure how w compiler would help.


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