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Re: putenv('LD_LIBRARY_PATH',...) does not work

From: Javier Fernández
Subject: Re: putenv('LD_LIBRARY_PATH',...) does not work
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 20:13:56 +0100
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The author of the LD_LIBRARY... question sent me a different description of what seems to be the same problem by personal e-mail. I'm a bit puzzled, since it was question #3 in a series, I don't know why he decided to switch to public questions in Octave-help. Question #1 was dated Jan 20 and question #2 was dated Jan 22. This was questions #3 dated Jan 25.

In the version of q#3 I received earlier this morning, he said

Then, I can spawn an octave session. But error message " could
not be found..." appears after using command "MPI_Init". I found out that
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH is reset by our system because xterm is setgid,

When it is told this way, it seems as if the master Octave was alright not only issuing MPI_Init, but also alright issuing MPI_Comm_spawn. The problem seems to appear on the _slave_ Octave, when doing MPI_Init there. There is _no_ chances of spawning a slave Octave if MPI_Init does not work in the master Octave.

I am subscribed to digested-mode Octave-help and I am rather puzzled to learn this evening this other description:

To use MPITB for Octave, I need to be able to start an octave session in a
xterm windown, i.e. by using command "xterm -e octave". But I found out
that $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is reset by our system because xterm is setgid

Since I had already replied by personal e-mail, I decided on a first thought not to reply to the list, but let the user tell me which one is the correct problem description.

On a second thought, if I don't reply, somebody could later say that MPITB is not being supported.

So I better reply here just to mention that MPITB users should direct MPITB questions directly to me. Most Octave-help readers simply don't use MPITB, and are probably not interested in this stuff.

Sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks for your sympathy.


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