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imshow doesn't work right

From: Robert A. Macy
Subject: imshow doesn't work right
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:34:38 -0800

imshow.m doesn't seem to work right.

It works ok [in a way] on the WinXP machine, but not the
Win98 machine.  

I'm running octave 2.1.50a-inst.exe [no comments, please]
on both machines, Win98SE with IE6 and on another machine,

On Win98 machine:
>> imshow(X,255);
opens an IE window that is the root directory in full view.
That's all it does.  Always the root directory

the same X file on WinXP:
>> imshow(X,255);
opens an IE window with the gray scale image in it, with
the label html, looks right

every time I run imshow, I get  new window opened, which is

Any ideas as to why?  On the Win98 machine I stopped the IE
from being the automatic opener for .jpg files and
substituted my koad viewer, but that shouldn't have any
effect, should it?  

Would be nice to be able to run imshow and such on either
machine.  Any ideas?

              - Robert -

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