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need some help with displaying images

From: Robert A. Macy
Subject: need some help with displaying images
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 22:28:48 -0800

I have no problem running the old binary form of octave
2.1.50a-inst.exe on the WinXP machine and have it display
gray scale images using imshow()

Took a while to learn that the intensity matrix had to be
between 0 and 1, but once did that, all was ok.  

>> x1=(0:200)/200;x=ones(201,1)*x1;
>> imshow(x,256);
makes a nice square with gradual gray scale

However, can't do the same thing with color 
  using imshow(r,g,b)

If I make total flat intensity matrices, then I get a nice
flat color display of the expected shade:  
for exampl:
>> R=.5*ones(201,201);
>> G=.5*ones(201,201);
>> B=.5*ones(201,201);
>> imshow(R,G,B);
makes a gray colored square all the same color

It I try to tilt any of the matrices to get varying colors,
does not work, not good
>> r=(0:200)/200;R=ones(201,1)*r;
>> imshow(R,G,B);
produces a total black square ?!

even a single step in the matrix doesn't work.

Any ideas?  

also nothing works on the Win98 machine, suspect it's
because of the inability of Win98 to jump to the \tmp
folder using spaces in the path's name, because all that
happens is I end up getting an image of the root directory
every time I run imshow().  any ideas on how to get around

         - Robert -

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