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Re: please take time out to help me

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: please take time out to help me
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 18:10:00 +0100
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seun idowu wrote:
> hi, my name is seun. i am a final year Engineering student in the
> university (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Nigeria) was running
> a search on the internet to find out more on GNUOctave & i came this site
> i have been compelled by my project supervisor to use Octave for the
> modelling of the data i obtain from the optimization of a CDMA network.
I hope he didn't hit you too hard to "compel" you :-)

> the model is supposed to create a predictive pattern on the capacity
> of the cell as its load increases.
> i would like to find out if octave can do this and if there are
> similar works been carried out in this area.
> the problem i have is i have not come across octave until now & i
> tried findin tutorials online so i cld get a feel of it but cldnt find any

The physical layer of CDMA is in my competence, but what you are asking
for is more like network planning modeling, which isn't really what I
do. What type of raw data do you have? Do you already have capacity
against number of users and just want to extrapolate it? Or do you have
something like single user Eb/No results and want to try and convert
that into a multi-user capacity (something much harder)?

The problem with CDMA capacity calculations is that they are very
sensitive to the transmit power control of each of the users, as each
user sees the others as a source of noise and will try to increase their
power to overcome it, which of course doesn't help anyone. So if you are
trying to model such effects you need to make assumptions on the power
control, the distribution of the users, propagation models, etc, etc...
I'm sure octave is capable of modeling this sort of thing, but it'll be
a big effort.

In short I think for anyone to really help you, you might need to be
clearer in what you are asking for.

> pls could you give me some recommended texts,websites.............
> where a novice like me can learn about Octave and use it to create a
> predictive model.
> thanks in advance
> anxiously awaitin your response

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