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Re: wikibook: As Octave is used and developped today nearly as a MATLAB

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: wikibook: As Octave is used and developped today nearly as a MATLAB clone,
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 11:11:33 +0100

>| > PS: very interesting the Francesco Potorti` idea to link wiki changes
>| > in the function helps to the bug mailing list

>How do you see this working exactly?

First, I am not sure I know all the implications, second I have not the
time to work on it :-(

That said, I can imagine that the texinfo markup could be accessible and
editable in the wiki without any wiki markup.  All functions ideally
could have their documentation accessible from the wiki, and the
documentation source (the texinfo source) could be editable by
registered users.  A template documentation texinfo should be available,
which includes example usage in a standard format.

When someone edits a texinfo doc source, the diffs are sent to the
octave-bugs list.  Additional features include:
- the wiki creates a mail to octave-bugs including the diffs, so that the
  submitter can add a comment to the mail and esplicitely send it
- the wiki allows to make a syntax check and a rendering of the texinfo
  source before creating the mail message

Regarding checking, nothing would change with respect to the current
situation.  Only, the wiki could become an interface to allow people to
easily edit function docs and send the diffs to the octave-bugs list.

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