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Re: maxima as octave CAS

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: maxima as octave CAS
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 08:46:09 -0600
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Doug Stewart wrote:
Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
Maple is the CAS (computer algebra software) of Matlab.

How difficult would it be to have maxima more closely linked with
octave in a similar way ?

I know that there is the SAGE project that is very interesting, but
this is yet another language of its own, aka python, on top of the
octave and maxima ones.



I did some work on this and it is not hard to run Maxima from Octave.
The problem is that you now have 2 different languages to learn. Octave and Maxima.

Or we would have to write a converter between the two systems. ie. Have a complete symbolic syntax addition to octave, and then a converter that runs behind the scene that would change to Maxima syntax. This wouldn't be too hard for integration and derivatives and some series. But Maxima is huge and we would have to decide how much to implement.

If we don't go with the converter system and we make everyone learn Maxima then I do not see much advantage to join them together. I now use mainly Octave, and when I have to I fire up Maxima or Axium and then bring the results back to Octave.

I found that there is big learning curve for Maxima

Just my 2 C worth.


By the way, anyone interested in symbolic math inside Octave should try out the symbolic package in octave-forge, which links to GiNaC.


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