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Matlab central and octave

From: Nicolas Pettiaux
Subject: Matlab central and octave
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 16:44:28 +0100
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J'ai découvert votre contribution à Matlab central et j'ai quelques questions à vous poser. Je poursuis en anglais car vous semblez très bien maîtriser la langue de nos voisins du nord.

I use octave as a replacement of Matlab as much as I can as it is a free software that does a very good job and is mostly compatible with Matlab.

The people of the octave-help list mailing and the active octave users have built octave-forge that wants to provide toolboxes for octave, and also as many functions as possible to complement octave. We are looking forward to collect even more such examples and reuse, whereever possible, the code that would run in matlab and with, hopefully small enough adaptations, well in octave too.

We are very much looking at the licence too to preserve the authors rights and, in order ro keep the files as well as their documentation publically accessible for all, we recommend using the GPL licence, used for many free softwares (see )

We would very much appreciate if you agreed that your code and documentation be also advertised on octave-forge, after proper testing on octave. We would also much appreciate your help in doing so, and if possibly your support.

I am refering for example to :

An introduction to Wavelet processing through a set of Matlab experiments

A list of useful tips and tricks with concise piece of code and comments.

as well as your other contribution to matlab central.

Thank you very much,

Nicolas Pettiaux

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