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Re: Octave saves variable in Matlab format in large size

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: Octave saves variable in Matlab format in large size
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 06:00:33 -0600

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 02:26 -0500, Ge Baolai wrote:
> Hi,
> Just noticed that variables saved with '-mat-binary' option in Octave
> result in larger file size than Matlab's. For example,
> In Matlab (ver. 7.0)
> z = zeros(5000,999,3);
> save 'z.mat' z
> generates a file of size 53K bytes, which seems to contain only a
> minimum data.
> While in Octave, the command
> z = zeros(5000,999,3);
> save '-mat-binary' z.mat z
> results in a file of size 119,880,208 bytes, the full size of 5000 x 999 x 3
> doubles.
> Any comments?
I am going to risk an explanation here. Octave is trying to be
compatible to Matlab, might seem to be the biggest bottleneck here.
Generally developers work in limited information, closed standards,
and mostly sort of produce compatibility from whatever little
documentation that exist, when nobody has time to reverse engineer the
nuts and bolts.

Octave could simply use efficient storage with some/any compression
formats (bzip, gzip etc) but then people could complain of this not
being compatible!

So its the lesser of the devils, IMHO.

~ Muthiah

> Thanks,
> Ge Baolai
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