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Re: Matlab central and octave

From: Gabriel Peyré
Subject: Re: Matlab central and octave
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 08:34:05 +0100

Dear Nicola,

The people of the octave-help list mailing and the active octave users have built octave-forge that wants to provide toolboxes for octave, and also as many functions as possible to complement octave. We are looking forward to collect even more such examples and reuse, whereever possible, the code that would run in matlab and with, hopefully small enough adaptations, well in octave too.

Concerning the licencing issue: for now I am not ready to move to GPL licence. You can however redistribute the different toolbox or the separate files that can be found on matlab central, as long as the copyright is not removed from the souce files.

We would very much appreciate if you agreed that your code and documentation be also advertised on octave-forge, after proper testing on octave. We would also much appreciate your help in doing so, and if possibly your support.

I do not have time to perform the tests for compatibility on Octave, but I would be glad to help to maintain a code that is compatible if someone ask me to perform modification. I believe the real issue would be to port the mex files, for instance in the Fast Marching toolbox.

Best regards,


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