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Re: round() in oct file?

From: Michael Creel
Subject: Re: round() in oct file?
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 10:25:48 +0100
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John W. Eaton wrote:
On 12-Feb-2007, Michael Creel wrote:

| Well, I'd like to element-by-element round all values in a matrix, without | looping. Since the octave matrix class is involved, I think that this might be | the place to ask. Thanks, though. Michael

I think something like the following should work.

  Matrix m1 = ...;

  m1.apply (xround);  // Changes values in m1.

  Matrix m2 = (xround);  // Creates new matrix m2 with rounded vaues.

The xround function is declared/defined in lo-mappers.{h,cc}.


Thanks. Looping at the matrix class, I saw the map "method" (or whatever the correct term is). I was suspecting that it could be used. If I get it to work I'll add it to the quick reference.

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