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Re: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows

From: Michael Grossbach
Subject: Re: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 11:11:51 +0100
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The Grumps wrote:
That's a great help Michael.  I've used this to set up my own octaverc which
calls the following /octave_files/startup.m:

pluspath="/cygdrive/C/Documents and Settings/Ian/My
cd (pluspath);
LOADPATH = [':' pluspath '/', ':/octave_files//'];

# Set edit to accept filename argument and set the header for new scripts
edit('editor', '"scite.exe" "`cygpath -wa %s`"');
edit('email', '*************');
edit('author', 'Grumps');

# Make Octave beep on errors:
beep_on_error = 1;

# Go into debug mode when an error occurs:
debug_on_error = 1;

# Enable leaving debug mode by
# pressing Ctrl-C:
debug_on_interrupt = 0;

# Stop Octave printing the line
# number at the prompt:
PS1 = "\\s> ";

more off;
echo on;
You will see from the above that:
a.      I added "/octave files//" to the path so that I can also run scripts
in there.
b.      I did not need to specify the path of scite.exe as its within my
general path.
c.      I also reset the 'home' edit variable.  This then puts new scripts
into the same directory.

Also much thanks for the excellent tip on using ctl-Insert and shift-Insert
for copy and paste.
I still have one problem though.  I seem to have to close SciTE in order to
run the script I have just changed. Is there any way of keeping it open?


Please keep the discussion about setup problems under Windows on this list in order to help people with similar problems find a solution more easily and not make them ask the same questions. The "edit('home', pluspath)" doesn't work for me for some reason. No idea why. The reason why you have to close SciTE before you can type at the octave prompt lies in the way the editor is invoked by Octave. It uses the system() function which can invoke system processes either synchronously (default) or asynchronously. I vaguely remeber there was a discussion on this list some time ago why it is not a very good idea to edit edit.m to change this. Can't remeber why though ;) Search the list if you're interested. I usually open the function file I want to work on by double-clicking its icon in the Windows Explorer.

HTH, Michael

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