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Re: Octave in MS Windows -- AMD processor

From: Michael Creel
Subject: Re: Octave in MS Windows -- AMD processor
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:45:33 +0100

On 2/12/07, David Bateman <address@hidden > wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
> I just got a new motherboard with an AMD processor.  The binary
> distribution of Octave available from warns me that it
> probably won't work right with AMD -- is there an alternative one that
> is compiled for the AMD processors?  I don't have Cygwin nor have I got
> any compiler set up yet, so rolling my own would be difficult.
> Regards,
> Allen
Which Binary? The 2.1.73 I don't believe uses ATLAS and so should be
generic... Even if it does use atlas, it probably uses a 3.6.0 version
that doesn't use SSE3 and so the SSE2  instruction is probably in your
new AMD and so there should be no issue running this version of octave..
There'll be a new windows installer available soonish and there has been
much recent work with octave under msvc and so I'd suggest checking back
at octave-forge regularly for an update..


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You might want to consider installing a Linux distro into a virtual machine, using one of the virtualization platforms. I know that installing a whole OS to use just one application may sound extreme, but there are a lot of other good apps out there, and maybe in the end you'll be running Windows in the virtual machine. You can also easily use an ISO image to boot up your virtual machine, instead of going though the whole installation process. If you want to see a sketch of how to do it, look at

Cheers, Michael

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