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Re: Newbie question

From: Steve C. Thompson
Subject: Re: Newbie question
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 08:25:53 -0800

Tue, 2007-02-13 at 11:05 -0500, Steven Oppenheimer wrote:
> I downloaded the whole Cygwin/Octave package a few days ago and
> loaded it on a Windows machine.  Upon starting it, I found
> myself working with a strictly command line environment.  I was
> expecting/hoping to see a more conventional GUI framework, with
> menus with options for loading files, saving files, editing
> commands, and other standard stuff.  Worse, when I tried to
> copy and paste text from a Windows text file into the command
> line environment, nothing pasted.  I assume this is an artifact
> of running a Linux program under Windows emulation, but still,
> it rendered the environment virtually useless.

Sorry to hear you are having problems.  Needless to say,
"virtually useless" is a bit too dire a statement applied to such
a useful piece of software :-)

Personally, I run GNU Octave in shells (Konsole) and with some
practice I've found it much more efficient than using the Matlab

This might be of limited help, however I know people that are
used to the Matlab GUI and are now proficient using Octave in
conjunction with the text editor Kate, from KDE.  I understand
that you are a Windows user, but if using something else (the
Kate users enjoy Kubuntu) is an option, that might be a

Best of luck.


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