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Re: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows

From: Michael Grossbach
Subject: Re: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:10:26 +0100
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The Grumps wrote:
Actually that's the way I was thinking of working until you told me about
'edit filename'.  So when do you choose to invoke edit from within Octave?
I can see some advantage when creating new scripts but not much otherwise.
When I started using Octave I always used the 'edit filename' way to work on a function file. Then I became annoyed by not being able to go back to the Octave prompt while the file was open, so now I mostly open files by double clicking on them, once they exist (or use the recent document facility under the Windows Start button. I guess it's just your personal preference which way you choose.

I have found it useful to enable the "recent files" list in SciTE.  To do
this I added -save.recent ".m"

%<----------------------------------- snip -----------------------

Interesting, I will be looking into this... Thanks for pointing it out!

I'd also like to raise another matter here if that's ok - GNUPLOT under
Windows.  When I plot I get a GNUPLOT window as well.  What is the use of
this?  Is it to help debug the plot?  If I close this down when I've
finished with a plot then I find that a further plot command is ignored and
I have to re-open Octave in order to resume plotting.  Is this what is
supposed to happen?  If so, should I just leave the GNUPLOT window open?
It is supposed to pop up, but you can ignore it - minimise it if you like. This is the command line window of gnuplot where you type your gnuplot-specific commands (gnuplot is totally independent of Octave, it is a very powerful program on its own). Octave translates your plot commands into the gnuplot language and pipes them through.
If you would like to clear the plot window before plotting anew, use the
'clr' command (clear). It took me a while to figure this, thought I share this.

HTH, Michael

P.S.: The to: you always bounces back with the complaint that your account does not exist. Thought you might want to know.

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