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Re: Syntax Problem?

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: Syntax Problem?
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 22:24:45 -0600

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 11:13 -0200, address@hidden wrote:
> Dear Users, 
> When running the program below, I got the following syntax error: 
> parse error near line 49 of file C:\Arquivos de programas\Octave\share
> \octave\2.9.9+\m\MyFiles\prog.m 
> syntax error 
> >>>               for j = 1:lagdep; 
>                      ^ 
> error: near line 49 of file `C:\Arquivos de programas\Octave\share
> \octave\2.9.9+\m\MyFiles\prog.m' 
> But looking at the code, appears that this is not the case. 
> Any help? 
Im not sure, how many folks are interested in debugging your code, which
I see as, something you can fix with some effort.

I would like to help out people, who have problems with Octave, and not
really just syntax errors.

~ Muthiah

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