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LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)

From: Ronald Crummett
Subject: LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 10:02:11 -0800

Hi - 

In Matlab you can add special characters (such as Greek variables) to 
plots using LaTeX codes - for example if you want the character for pi, 
you could type \pi and the character would show up.

I know that something similar exists in Octave if you set gnuplot to an 
enhanced mode.  We can get the character for pi by typing {/Symbol p}.

It seems to me that the LaTeX codes are much more intuitive.  This 
could be because I am more familiar with LaTex than with the gnuplot 
codes, but it is mildly frustrating to try to find the appropriate code 
to generate a desired character.  In saying all this, I am wondering:

-Is it possible to write a script that would take the LaTeX codes and 
convert them into the equivalent gnuplot code for processing?  So you 
could type "title('\pi')" in Octave and get the pi character, for 

-Has anyone done this?

-I know Octave is undergoing significant overhaul with their plotting 
system.  Would such a script be useful after the changes are 

-If this has not been done, and there is an interest for it, what would 
be the best way to implement something like this?

Thanks for the help and I look forward to hearing more on this.


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