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Re: Make Octave behave more like Matlab

From: Matthias Brennwald
Subject: Re: Make Octave behave more like Matlab
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 21:29:32 +0100

On 16.02.2007, at 21:22, John W. Eaton wrote:

| 1. Strings can be defined with single or double quotes in Octave,
| while Matlab only accepts single quotes. For instance, this will work
| in Octave, but not in Matlab:
| myString = "Hello";

Have you reported this bug to the MathWorks?

Uhm, no, mainly this is no bug. My above comment is just plain wrong.

But: the below example with the switch / case statements won't work in Matlab if the single quotes are replaced by double quotes (Octave does not care). I hope this time I'm right -- I can't test because I don't have Matlab at the moment. I'm just forwarding the comments I received from a Matlab user).

| 2. switch / case statements: Matlab requires a comma after the case
| statements, Octave doesn't. For instance, the following will work in
| Octave, but not in Matlab (which requires commas after 'red' and
| otherwse):
| color = 'green';
| switch color
|       case 'red'
|               disp('It is red.');
|       otherwise
|               disp('It is not red.');
| end


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