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Re: here?

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Re: here?
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 15:10:41 +0100
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Vic Norton schrieb:
Can anyone tell me how to change the working directory to where you are?

For example it would be nice to have a "here" function that would return the 
path of the directory in which a script resides. Then
   thisdir = here();
   cd thisdir;
would do just what I want.

I do this kind of thing all the time in Perl with the two lines
   use FindBin qw($Bin);
   chdir $Bin;
I'd like to be able to do it in Octave.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.  - Vic

Hi Vic,

I think you are either looking for the 'pwd' function or the 'which' function. I actually don't know what Perl gives you...

So 'pwd' returns the actual path you're in, but if the path isn't that your functio is in, then you should better use which ('function') and function is name of the function you're using.

Hope this is the one you're looking for,

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