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Re: LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)

From: Peter Gustafson
Subject: Re: LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 18:18:21 -0500
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Ronald Crummett wrote:
Hi - In Matlab you can add special characters (such as Greek variables) to plots using LaTeX codes - for example if you want the character for pi, you could type \pi and the character would show up.

I know that something similar exists in Octave if you set gnuplot to an enhanced mode. We can get the character for pi by typing {/Symbol p}
I would love to see something like this included in octave/gnuplot. I know there are good solutions out there for latex (seemingly the best being psfrag), however I really prefer pdflatex (because of hyperlinking and beamer) and psfrag doesn't work with pdflatex. Further, it would be great to be rid of the direct requirement of manually creating a .tex file and compiling with latex, since I often want the same plot on screen as ends up in my paper.

Of course there are many hacks that can make this work. However I'd love to see the future of octave (OK, probably gnuplot so that octave gets it for free) go in the direction of specifying tex style symbol labels.

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