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Never mind - Re: mex function problem shared? libraries

From: David Grohmann
Subject: Never mind - Re: mex function problem shared? libraries
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 18:13:13 -0600
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David Grohmann wrote:
I have a mex function that links to a library. I changed the library to fix a bug that caused a crash and recompiled it, and then recompiled the mexFunction. I also recompiled another program that uses that library that suffered from the same crash. The stand alone program links with the new version of the library and the bug has been fixed.

I run the mex function in octave and I get the same crash.

I ran the mex in octave under a gdb and I get a "warning: Source file is more recent than executable." the second I jump into a part of the code that is in the library.

And sure enough it is running the old version of the library as the steps dont match up with the lines in the source file.

How is octave not picking up the new version? (there are no copies of the old version on this computer that I know of) Is octave caching shared libraries somewhere?

Hope you can help, thanks.

My apologies I am an idiot. there was a previously compiled version saved to foo.mex The new version is supposed to be foo.mexa64 and have a softlink from foo.mex -> foo.mexa64

Which brings up a question. Why doesn't octave recognize the other mex extensions that Matlab defines? This is an AMD64 computer that why it has that extension.

David Grohmann
Senior Student Associate
Applied Research Lab : UT Austin : ESL - S206
Office: 512-835-3237

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