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Re: OpenSolaris - update - audio check

From: Jim Langston
Subject: Re: OpenSolaris - update - audio check
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 22:26:48 -0500
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Hi John,

Thanks, I have been looking at this from a couple of
directions, the first, that there is a bug in the Studio
compiler, which is forcing the underflow to loop, the
second, from the Apache C++ stdlib perspective, which
is where most of the dialog is coming from. From what
I understand, if underflow is handled via an underflow method,
then a buffer space must be set up to deal with the stream,
otherwise, the state is unknown. I understand what underflow
is trying to do, which I thought was fine, but the Apache C++
engineer seemed adamant that the buffer must be handled
in the way he was prescribing. I have not looked into re-writing the
underflow method, that is, not until I get feedback from the Sun compiler
engineers on a possible bug.

I was also thinking of trying to re-compile everything with Apache C++ stdlib
to see if what the engineer thought would happen, does. But, I have not
done so yet.




John W. Eaton wrote:
On  5-Dec-2008, Jim Langston wrote:

| Could someone take a look at the dialog I've been having
| with the Sun Developer Forum on underflow, this has to do
| with what is happening with reading audio files and what
| feedback I'm getting back on the forum.
| | | | I would appreciate any thoughts on a possible solution

If I understand correctly from that thread you are saying that there
may be a bug in the way Octave's c_file_ptr_buf class is implemented.
It's certainly possible that there is a bug, but I don't know enough
about how these functions are supposed to work.  I admit to simply
copying and modifying some libstdc++ code to create the c_file_ptr_buf
class, so I didn't really understand it fully when I wrote it, but it
seemed to work properly (back in the day, there wasn't exactly much
documentation for the stream library internals...).  I don't object to
changing the c_file_ptr_buf class, but before making changes I'd like
to have some definitive statement about what the proper implementation

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