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Re: Text on plots

From: Ivan Sutoris
Subject: Re: Text on plots
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 20:46:28 +0100

On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 7:26 PM, dmelliott <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Help,
>     When I copy the example in the "octave help" at the beginning of section
> 15.1.3 Plot Annotations into an m-file and try to run it, absolutely no text
> appears on the graph other than the axis numbering.
>     I have tried the methods that I used, successfully, in Matlab, and they
> do not work either.  How can I make a graph title and axis labels on a
> figure generated with "plot"?
>     I am using the handle graphics.
> More than a bit frustrated,
>                         Douglas M Elliott


Axes labels can be added with xlabel/ylabel/zlabel functions, figure
title with "title" function. If you've tried these and they don't
work, something is wrong. In that case, can you please provide more
information, like what OS and which version of Octave you're using?
What specific commands did you use and did you get any error messages?

Ivan Sutoris

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