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Re: Plot font problem

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: Plot font problem
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 19:25:12 +0100

>>>octave:11> print -djpg test.jpg
>>>gdImageStringFT: Could not find/open font while printing string TestPlot
>>>with font veranda
>> ...
>>>Am I doing something wrong?
>> Yes.  The font is named Verdana :)
>Not on my system - thats why I included the ls of the fonts directory!

Thie is the listing you had posted:

>>>address@hidden msttcore]$ ls
>>>andalemo.ttf  comic.ttf     georgia.ttf   times.ttf     verdana.ttf
>>>arialbd.ttf   courbd.ttf    georgiaz.ttf  trebucbd.ttf  verdanaz.ttf
>>>arialbi.ttf   courbi.ttf    impact.ttf    trebucbi.ttf  webdings.ttf
>>>ariali.ttf    couri.ttf     tahoma.ttf    trebucit.ttf
>>>arial.ttf     cour.ttf      timesbd.ttf   trebuc.ttf
>>>ariblk.ttf    georgiab.ttf  timesbi.ttf   verdanab.ttf
>>>comicbd.ttf   georgiai.ttf  timesi.ttf    verdanai.ttf

As you can see yourself, the name is "verdana", not "veranda"!

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