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Re: fltk-Octave on cygwin

From: Javier Fernández
Subject: Re: fltk-Octave on cygwin
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:12:58 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 12. August 2010, 20:07:20 schrieb fork:
florence.renalier <florence.renalier <at>> writes:
Dear all,
I am using Octave, installed from Cygwin (on Windows XP). After some
research on the Internet, I understoood one of the best ways to include
GUIs in Octave (in order to create custom GUIs) is to use flkt-Octave
(Am I right ??).

fltk is a library for plotting graphics (a replacement for gnuplot), not
interactive GUI's (like popping up dialog boxes and asking for input). So,
no, you aren't quite right.

I am not sure how to address the rest of your compilation issues, but they
might be moot since fltk is not going to do what you want.

Zenity is probably the best you are going do for GUI interaction, and I
suggest you look into that.  Octave doesn't support Matlab style GUI
programming, so far as I know.

I think there is a misunderstanding, you are speaking about the backend fltk, which is not for gui's but for plotting. fltk-octave was a gui project for octave. It went the same way as many other such projects. After a while it was unmaintained or unfinished.

It will be a lot of (maybe wasted) work to make fltk-octave work again.

If you want to build sophisticated gui with callback from and to octave use the java package from octave forge and interact with java (I use that) or have a look at the pytave python bindings which are maintained and look promising (though I do not use them).

- mh

I also thought fltk was related to GUIs, and was waiting for news on "text objects", which apparently was the missing item to make it usable. Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding.

I think I was also confused with another java package called jhandles
10 Porting programs from Matlab to Octave
GUI: There are no Matlab compatible GUI functions. There are a number of 
bindings from Octave to Tcl/Tk, Vtk and zenity included in the Octave Forge 
project ( for example that can be used for a GUI, 
but these are not Matlab compatible. Work on a matlab compatiable GUI is in an 
alpha stage in the JHandles package 
( This might be an issue if 
you intend to exchange Octave code with Matlab users.

I cannot follow the JHandles link to Octave-Forge. Has it moved elsewhere?
The windows version of Octave included it as of March 2010
JHandles appears next to java, but I'm missing it in the Octave-Forge web.

The Octave-forge java package is this one?
The function reference section is short

Is there any demo on the simplest GUI with that package? Something similar to the zenity snippet we recently saw?

Now I see the zenity package, I assume the snippet could be translated to the zenity Octave-forge package, using the zenity_list function
or simply used as-is, as long as zenity is installed.

The TCL bindings mentioned in the FAQ are these?
Can they be used to make a simple GUI? I wouldn't have guessed it from the function list.

I cannot find the Vtk bindings. Are they useful for making GUIs?


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