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sound.m warning- plays sound, but gives warning every time. How do I get

From: char_bar
Subject: sound.m warning- plays sound, but gives warning every time. How do I get rid of warning?
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 11:43:52 -0700 (PDT)

The subject pretty much explains my problem. I'm using the sound command and
successfully playing the audio, but getting a warning message returned every
time it plays. I'd like to get rid of the warning- it's quite annoying. 

I've tried the warning off command, either using the the first line of the
warning message as my specific warning to turn off in the command or just
using the typing in >>>warning ("off", "all") 
to get rid of all warnings. Neither work. It may be because Octave doesn't
consider it a proper warning message (which would be odd, since it uses the
word 'warn' in the message). When I type in >>>lastwarn, it returns an
earlier, unrelated warning instead of the one that was just given (perhaps
of a more standard warning format? It returns >>>warning: fopen: file found
in load path). Maybe I need to tell Octave to suppress something besides a
warning? I've copied/pasted an example below:

>>> sound([y(   21481   :       24558   )], 44100, 16);
play WARN au: header size 24 is too small

-: (au)

  Encoding: Signed PCM    
  Channels: 1 @ 16-bit   
Samplerate: 44100Hz      
Replaygain: off         
  Duration: unknown      

In:0.00% 00:00:00.00 [00:00:00.00] Out:0     [      |      ]        Clip:0    
In:0.00% 00:00:00.07 [00:00:00.00] Out:3.08k [  ====|====  ]        Clip:0    

Everything in the response to the sound command, starting with the words
"play WARN", is written in red. The sound command is telling Octave to play
samples 21481 through 24558 in variable 'y', with a sampling rate of 44100
and bit rate of 16. I'm not really sure what Octave is telling me when
"header size 24 is too small" is printed out.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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