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[bug?] Trouble with fgets from popen

From: Carnë Draug
Subject: [bug?] Trouble with fgets from popen
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:19:15 +0100


I can't get fgets to read the last input from a pipe open with popen.
>From reading the help text, I think it should return -1 when it has
read everything but instead it just hangs.

The process started is "zenity --scale --print-partial". This creates
a GUI of a scale bar that can be adjusted. Every time, the bar is
adjusted (even without pressing the OK button), it prints the selected
value. By experimenting in a terminal (and by setting fgets to read
only one character at a time), I can see that zenity does print the
number as soon as the bar is adjusted and not after the next one is

This should replicate it:

octave-3.2.4:109> fid = ("zenity --scale --print-partial", "r")
## adjust bar to value 16
## adjust bar to value 24
octave-3.2.4:110> fgets(fid)
ans = 16

octave-3.2.4:111> fgets(fid)
## octave hangs
## adjust bar to value 46
ans = 24

octave-3.2.4:112> fgets(fid)
## octave hangs
## press OK on the zenity dialog
ans = 46

This shows that the number is in the pipe:
octave-3.2.4:113> fid = ("zenity --scale --print-partial", "r")
## adjust bar to value 16
octave-3.2.4:114> fgets(fid,1)
ans = 1
octave-3.2.4:114> fgets(fid,1)
ans = 6
octave-3.2.4:114> fgets(fid,1)
## octave hangs instead of returning -1

Any help is very appreciated,
Carnë Draug

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