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Re: Comparing vectors to matricies

From: Andy Buckle
Subject: Re: Comparing vectors to matricies
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 15:03:36 +0100

> Hi all, I apperciate this has been dealt with many a time before...But I have
> one vector I would like to compare to another row of a matrix. Basically I
> have
> a = vector of length ~300
> b = matrix of length ~10000
> The vectors and matricies are in asceding order so idealy I want to look at
> a(1) and find the index of b that closest matches it. And then a(2) etc. The
> ultimate goal is to match the avlues of a to the corresponding values from
> the second column in b.
> Any help will be really apreciated, even if it is functions to look at.
> Thanks
> Martin

If I understood correctly...


/* andy buckle */

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