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delaunay seems not completely compatible with the other product

From: Bart Vandewoestyne
Subject: delaunay seems not completely compatible with the other product
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 09:54:27 +0200
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Hello list,

I just noticed that the delaunay command seems to behave
differently in Octave, compared to the other commercial package
we all know.

In the commercial package, delaunay accepts matrices as input:

>> r = rand(2,3); s = rand(2,3);       
>> delaunay(r,s)

ans =

     6     2     3
     2     1     3
     1     4     3
     1     5     4

while in my Octave version, this doesn't seem to be the case:

octave:5> version
ans = 3.2.3
octave:6> r = rand(2,3); s = rand(2,3);
octave:7> delaunay
error: Invalid call to delaunay.  Correct usage is:

 -- Function File: TRI = delaunay (X, Y)
 -- Function File: TRI = delaunay (X, Y, OPT)

Additional help for built-in functions and operators is
available in the on-line version of the manual.  Use the command
`doc <topic>' to search the manual index.

Help and information about Octave is also available on the WWW
at and via the address@hidden
mailing list.

One can get around this and create portable code by always using


but for as far as I know, Octave tries to stay as compatible as possible,
so I thought you guys wanted to know this.

Best regards,

        "Share what you know.  Learn what you don't."

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