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Re: : new to octave, confused about load(), dlmread et cetera

From: Roman.Griego
Subject: Re: : new to octave, confused about load(), dlmread et cetera
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 04:24:34 +0000

> >
> I suppose we don't understand each other well.....?
> >From the example code I saw in your earlier posting + your explanation
> quoted above (top), I conclude you want to build a struct from
> something
> like a simple table dumped in a spreadsheet by an SQL query.
> What I meant was that you could use the results from an xlsread() call
> (returning a numeric data array plus one or two cell arrays from which
> you
> can extract the field names) almost directly to fill up your struct.
> As you would bypass the text file reading & parsing stuff completely
> that
> way, there's no tab processing involved at all.
> But OK, I might have a wrong perception of what you want to achieve.
> If the motive for avoiding Excel is to stay away from proprietary code,
> you
> could also use Calc - OOo has a rich support for
> bindings to
> various database engines and Octave (-forge) supports .ods file I/O
> too,
> quite on par with Excel .xls I/O.
> Philip

Essentially you are correct. I suppose xlsread() does everything I wanted, 
however at the time I didn't know about the function, so I made do with what I 
did. What I liked about the way I processed the data is that when I type: 

g=menu("Enter Field1 To View Histogram:", This_Data.Row1);
I can immediately call

Which I can then "play with" :)
Works for me. 

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