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precision of values stored when using save()

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: precision of values stored when using save()
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 16:05:28 -0400

On 30-Sep-2010, Tim Rueth wrote:

| I am using the save() function to store a matrix in a file, which will later
| get loaded using load() by another program.  I'd also like the format of this
| file to be human-readable, which it is already, except that the precision that
| save() uses is far greater than needed, and makes the matrix hard to read by a
| human.  Some of the elements of this matrix show 16 decimals of precision,
| when I only need 2.
| So, I thought I'd do:
|         var1 = round(var1 * 100) / 100;
| for each variable, but save() still stores all 16 digits in those cases.  Any
| ideas of how to format elements saved using save()?  I could do fopen/fdisp/
| sprintf..., but then that makes it more complicated to read back all the data
| into the next program.  Save() and load() are perfect for this.

help save_precision


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