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code-sprint aftermath

From: David Grundberg
Subject: code-sprint aftermath
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 08:56:42 +0200
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I was present in the irc channel while the code-sprint was running.  I
think the mood was very nice and every one tried their best in the
effort to write tests.  Extra kudos to Jordi for being the arranger and
taking the role as the host for this event.

The goal of the sprint was to write tests for half of the 274 untested
functions.  We didn't accomplish that.  It turned out that we already
covered all the easy functions in the previous code sprint.  I don't
have the exact number but about 35 got new tests in this code sprint.

My personal goal was to set up a new system where I could build Octave.
 After a lot of installation problems, I got it covered.

There was some misunderstanding about time-zone.  Off by one of course,
it might have been caused by the daylight savings time.  In the future
I'd recommend going to  They have a useful
inter-time-zone meeting planner.

Grundberg (individ @ irc)

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