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Handling parfor as for.

From: Mark Everitt
Subject: Handling parfor as for.
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 13:04:12 +0900
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Hi all this is a first time post so I hope I'm not making any mistakes.

I use Matlab at work, and due to the ridiculously parallel nature of the
simulations I'm running, and the large number of cores I have available,
I use parfor. As I don't have a licence at home, I use octave (v3.2.4 on
Ubuntu Oneiric) to write and debug.

The issue is that I'm always having to edit between parfor and for to
keep octave happy. Is there any way of aliasing parfor to for so that I
don't have to keep doing this? It seems like this would be desirable
behaviour in any case, perhaps with a warning just so that matlab
scripts with parfor have a better chance of running in octave, albeit
with serial for.

Thanks in advance!

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