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Re: edit error

From: Andy Buckle
Subject: Re: edit error
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 15:59:34 +0000

On 7 February 2012 15:10, tappel81 <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I am running Windows 7
> I simply downloaded the newer version and thought that by installing it, the
> older version would have been removed (like a lot of software).
> I removed the install and only have the older version now.

(When including parts of previous emails, please post replies below)

I assume you are using the mingw installers. All the ones I have seen
act independently of each other. Installing multiple versions should
not be a problem (provided your disk is big enough!).

I have something similar with the 3.4.3 mingw. I don't have the
answer. Here are some curious results so maybe others can help.

ans = notepad
>edit foo.m
error: system: CreateProcess failed -- can't create child process
error: called from:
error:   C:\Octave\Octave3.4.3_gcc4.5.2\Octave3.4.3_gcc4.5.2\share\octave\3.4.3\
m\miscellaneous\edit.m at line 299, column 7
>system("notepad foo.m")
ans = 0

The system call brings up a foo.m that looks like it was created by
edit.m. I don't have time now to poke around line 299 of edit.m to
look for clues.

/* andy buckle */

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